Cisco Live!

Networking Academy Day 2021

Cisco Networking Academy invites you to the Networking Academy Day as part of Cisco Live! being held on Monday February 8th 2021.

With the backdrop of the pandemic it’s been a challenging time for all of us around the globe, therefore this edition of Cisco Live will be hosted virtually, from the Netherlands. The good news: a virtual session means everyone can join!

Networking Academy Day will be held over 2 sessions commencing Monday Feb 8th:

In the 1st session: (14:30 - 16:30 CET):

  • 'How Networking Academy is Powering an Inclusive Future for All’: Katherine Toch, Director of Global Field Organization
  • 'Remote Teaching is more relevant than ever’: Dr. Lance Ford, Education Advocate, will make us experts on distance learning, peer learning and scaling instructor capacity
  • Dennis Frezzo, Learning Science Team, will take us along new innovations like:  ‘Packet Tracer Adaptive Learning, games, tutoring sequences’ and ‘Layer 1 Is Beautiful', mini course: 'How does it all connect?’

After the break, our 2nd session will commence with an interactive workshop lead by the Technical Field Engagement (TFE) Team (17:00 – 18:00 CET): 

  • Experience Networking Programmability!
    What does it mean for networkers? Why is it essential? In the DevNet Associate course this is included. Join this technical session to learn more about it and practice your skills in an interactive way!

Full details and registration links can be found on our event website

On this page you will also find a third link. Through this third link you will get access to Cisco Live, for free, on Tuesday February 9th, or if you want even more technical deep dives, Wednesday – Thursday February 10th-11th (these last two days, are available for a €300 access fee).

For now: please click through to our event website to register for Networking Academy Day, Monday, February 8th! Hope to see you there!