European CyberCup

Schüler-Wettbewerb zum Thema Cybersecurity

Cisco lädt alle Cisco-Akademien und ihre Students zur Teilnahme an einem freundschaftlichen Wettbewerb mit Schwerpunkt im Bereich Introduction to Cybersecurity ein. Informationen dazu finden Sie im untenstehenden Text, ebenfalls den Registrierungslink. Bei Fragen oder Anregungen melden Sie sich bitte bei Carsten Johnson.

European CyberCup

As we begin this academic year I am writing to you today to ask for your support in the promotion and execution of a new and innovative approach to promoting our program and delivering impact: the European CyberCup!
This competition that will be held throughout our region will leverage the new version of Introduction to Cybersecurity available on the Skills for All platform to help bolster cyber-awareness amongst students and society at large. 


How the competition works: 

Participating academies must initially take part in a learnathon around Introduction to CyberSecurity, competing to obtain the most students, as well as the most completions in this course – more details on this phase can be found here.
The top 16 academies in the Learn-a-thon ranking will have the opportunity to continue to the next round of the competition: the European Cyber Cup
In this phase of the competition, each academy will put forth a  4-member team that will compete head-to-head with the other academies on a Capture the Flag format, live broadcast through WebEx events over 3 hours, with a European Champion being crowned at the end. The content used in the Capture the Flag exercise will be directly pulled from the different courses in the CCST CyberSecurity pathway. 

 PLEASE SEE THIS 3 MIN VIDEOfor more details.

 What do we hope to achieve with this competition?
* Mark the end of our 25-year anniversary with a bang!
* Provide a visible, powerful demonstration of the footprint of our ecosystem in Europe
* Help students and average citizens increase their Cyber-awareness and hygiene

 So how we can you help us get started? 2 actions: 

  1. Begin to prepare your academies to for the start of registration on October 2nd 2023.
  2. Communications and materials will be made available to you in the next days to pass onto your academies.



We have thought of some prizes to make it interesting! 

  1. The top partner in terms of performance will win tickets to this year’s Cisco Live as well as and exclusive VIP face to face meeting with our SVP Guy Diedrich, along with other prizes.
  2. The partner with the most innovative approach to pushing adoption will receive a special award during the next partner conference along with additional prizes

 We also are offering an exclusive opportunity for you to sponsor this competition and feature alongside Cisco!

  1. You can sponsor your own prizes for the 5 highest ranking academies of your country
  2. You can propose instructors to support the creation of certain challenges of the final tournament.

Are you ready to compete and make some noise?

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Sie können sich auf dieser Seite in den Learnathon-Kurs des IT-Bildungsnetz eintragen.



Deutschsprachiges Webinar am 17.06.2024 und Aufzeichnung vom 03.06.2024


Termin: 04. bis 6. Juni 2024 in Karlsruhe

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